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How to Find the Elusive HP TouchPad

Most of you are now aware that over the weekend HP had a fire sale of its not so popular TouchPad tablet computer. For the sale HP had discounted the 16 GB model down to $99 and its 32 GB model to $149, resulting in great returns for HP but a frustrating experience for consumers -- many of whom spent hours scouring the Internet in an attempt to buy one for this price from retailers whose servers had suddenly found themselves overwhelmed. I, myself, can empathize with the frustration these surfers felt as many sites had been forced offline due to high demand that resulted not only from the high influx of visitors but also from the need to post out of stock notices or the need to update sites to the latest pricing changes being put in place by HP. So why was I looking for an HP TouchPad when I am an Apple iPad enthusiast? First of all it was the price, since I never thought we would see a high quality product like the HP TouchPad so deeply discounted. Second, I know that while HP may discontinue support for both the HP TouchPad and webOS, I believe someone, somewhere, is going to come up with a program that will make the Android compatible with the TouchPad. Whether this happens or not is just a guess on my part, but it is worth the risk to me. How to Find the Elusive HP TouchPadSo how do you get your paws on an HP TouchPad? The first thing you need to do to find one of the discounted HP TouchPads: be patient. Next, check the Web site at the bottom of this post where the folks at Slickdeals have done most of the legwork for links offering the TouchPad for sale. Be alert though as some retailers, like Barnes & Noble or Newegg, had the original $399 pricing over the weekend. However, by this morning at 7:53 am CST, Barnes & Noble had reduced the price to $99. I know this for a fact because I finally found and ordered one, receiving a confirmation email, for a total price with shipping and tax of $113.02. Last, the old brick and mortar retailers like Staples are worth checking. I know I was surprised, last evening, to find that HP TouchPads were still available at one outlet about 25 miles from where I live. However, for me it was cheaper just to pay shipping costs than to drive 50 miles round trip with the price of gas. So be of good cheer, folks, as I would venture a guess that other retailers will replenish their stock and there will be more HP TouchPads on sale. Here's where you can find an HP TouchPad on sale.

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